udesh Banquet (Bhawan)

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udesh Banquet (Bhawan)

Our Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions 1

The licensee should ensure that the buildings fixtures & fittings in/on the premises are not damaged.

Terms & Conditions 2

Any damage caused to the buildings fixtures & fittings will be charged from the licensee concerned and the amount charged will be decided by the management

Terms & Conditions 3

Alcoholic drinks, gambling and any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited within the premises of the building

Terms & Conditions 4

No alteration, cancellation or extension of the license period will be entertained. Money will not be refunded in case of alteration or cancellation of the license period.

Terms & Conditions 5

Unlimited water supply will be provided but in case of shortage or limitation of water supply due to reasons beyond the management's control, the management will not be held responsible.

Terms & Conditions 6

There is no lift facility for the 1st floor, the service of the lifts can be procured for an additional amount of Rs. 10000, only if the 2nd & Roof top are not booked.